Our Heritage

An Organic Crispy and Spicy Success for Reina Medrano and Casa Chicas Inc.


After ten years in the foodservice industry Reina Medrano decided to start her own business. In 2002 in her small home she stayed up late nights making her salsa and guacamole. During the day they went out to friends and neighbors giving out samples. The feedback she received was great that after two months she decided to take her product to stores, groceries, etc. Stores like Whole Foods loved it and have her the chance to put her salsa and guacamole on their shelves. She was able to reach not only stores but many homes and families with the best and natural product in the market.

Medrano always said, “The families of our community deserve the high quality products.” Medrano also said, “Now looking back to all the sleepless nights it was all worth it at the long run because we have been able to reach many homes with a healthy and nutrient product.” Casa Chicas (the Little House) is thrilled to serve our community and more from the start of our hearts.